Ignaas Jimidar

Ignaas Jimidar

Ignaas Jimidar

My research interest includes the dry and wet assembly of microspheres for liquid chromatography purposes. I have experience in the fabrication of microfluidic devices, assembling microparticles, understanding surface interaction forces, and tribocharging of particles and substrates.



Cover of Soft Matter, Volume 18, Number 19, 21 May 2022 Cover of Material Design, Volume 216, April 2022 Poster Tribocharging-induced Self-organization of Microspheres Microsphere Handling at the Microscale: New Tools and New Effects


  • APS Physics March Meeting 2022

    Chicago, USA, 14 Mar 2022 – 18 Mar 2022

    Segregation of microspheres by applying a mechanical-driven force (oral)

    Travel Grant from FWO
  • MicroTAS 2021

    online, 10 Oct 2021 – 14 Oct 2022

    Rapid vacuum-driven assembly of dispersed microspheres on the surface of (non-) profiled perforated devices (oral - 9% accepted)

  • 95th ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium

    online, 14 Jun 2021 – 16 Jun 2021

    Spatial segregation of spherical microparticles by rubbing-induced triboelectrification on fluorocarbon-patterned surfaces (oral)